How to run JAVA using Visual Studio Code

In this article we will see how to install and run JAVA using Visual Studio Code Editor.

Firstly we need to install Java Development Kit (JDK). This helps to implement the Java Language Specification (JLS) and the Java Virtual Machine Specification (JVMS) and provides the Standard Edition (SE) of the Java Application Programming Interface (API).

Downloading JDK

To download it, go to your favorite browser and search for Java JDK.

You can also find the link here: JDK download link

Once you get into the official website, look for downloads.

Downloading JDK for Windows

If you are in Windows click on x64 installer download link.

Installation of JDK

Once the JDK is downloaded, open the file in folder and double click the file.

An installation wizard will pop up. Click next. The installer will start installing Java JDK.

Checking JAVA Version using Command Prompt

Once installed successfully, Click on Windows Icon and search for CMD.

This will open your command prompt. Now type in java –version. It should display the Java version.

Check JAVA Version

This is to ensure that the JDK is installed properly.

Now type javac –version to check the compiler is also installed properly.

Check JAVA complier version

Installing Visual Studio Code Editor

Now we are going to install Visual Studio code Editor. For this, go to and click the download button.

Downloading VS Code Editor

After the download is complete we can open the file in folder. By double clicking the downloaded file an installation wizard will pop up. Use the default settings to install VS code.

Installing Visual Studio Code Editor

Installing JAVA Extension Pack in Visual Studio Code

Click on extensions tab on left panel.And search for extension pack for Java.And click on install.
And it should install all the necessary packages to run our Java program.

Installing JAVA Extension Pack

Setting up JAVA Project

To create a new project, go to the Explorer tab and Open folder and choose an Empty folder.

I have named the folder as Java Program

Creating an empty folder

After creating a folder chick on to create a new file. This will prompt you two options. Choose the Java class Option

Creating new Java file

In this option, it will prompt you for Class name I have named it as Main.
Now click control+S to save the file.

Type main and press enter to get the starter code for public static void main.
Next we will try to print out some text using System.out.println.

We will try to print out a text using System.out.println.
Save the file and run it.
You can see the result in the terminal below.

You have successfully created your first Java program in Visual Studio code.


If you have any doubts please watch the video I have created for my YouTube channel.

Thank you for reading. Hope this article was helpful. Happy Coding!